Les Années Psychédélique – Part 2: La Responsable – Jacques Dutronc. Or, Vive Le Morrissey’s French, Spiritual Forefather. The Bastard.

First things first: I am enormously, feather-spittingly, cripplingly jealous of Jacques Dutronc. Second, my suspicion is that, despite Morrissey’s stated admiration for the work of Hattie Jacques, it’s this Jacques who he really had something in common with, at least in terms of this – absolutely cracking single. To draw a rough analogy in terms…

Unsigned, Peeled, Bequivered. A Small Story Of A Local Band: Part 4.

Bogwoppit had what Shandy Boberts may have balked at describing as a ‘team‘ because it consisted of two other people who actually did things.  Shandy would have probably referred to the three people as an army.  One was a handyman who was building – and making an unusually good job of it – the studios….